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Driven by passion without commercial pressure, SCUBAddiction is a group that gathers like-minded individuals to dive with us. Founded in 2005, we have grown from a 6 men team to a whole group of like-minded individuals that share the same passion of introducing to the word SCUBA diving. SCUBA diving is an activity that is sometimes described as a sports and sometimes as a social gathering of the crazy people that loves to get wet, enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand. It’s an experience that only those that have done it will understand. We believe in bringing you a dive training that you not only learn from the best, but you will have the foundation of keeping yourselves safe out there in the ocean. And the key word here is FUN. The crew is like anyone of us as we have gone through the same stages that most divers will go through too and so we do understand. We understand the excitement of students and the anticipation of new divers and also we are here to help you understand the addiction that have infected all of us. Email us, text us, pm us through Facebook and other medias and we be delighted to help answer your questions related to your SCUBA diving addictions. Delay no more. Jump right in and it will be the best decision you made for yourself for a long time to come.

“Do something TODAY that your Future Self will thank you for”

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