YOS Dive Lembeh

a dive resort for divers

Designed and built by divers for divers and we understand the need for a fuss-free diving vacation.

YOS Dive Lembeh Eco Beach Resort is a charming, ten-room beachfront dive resort situated at the end of a small, local village. All rooms are within a few steps of the main dining area and camera deck, with a stunning view of beautiful Lembeh Strait. The rooms have a clean, light, contemporary design and are spacious enough for two queen sized beds and three tailor-made working tables.

Photographers are specifically in mind with the room design, with plenty of working space and electric sockets. For photographers, this place is heaven.

Dive Sites in Lembeh

Lembeh Straits offer more than 30 dive sites that are within 5 to 20min boat ride from the resort. We don’t have a regular dive sites as critters constantly move around the dive sites. All the dive sites have an average depth of 3m to 25m, with little or no current. The dive sites in Lembeh Straits are mostly black sand, muck or rubble, but there are a couple sites with nice corals as well.




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We take great pride in our personalised service, experienced staff and small dive groups ensuring you have the best diving experience in Lembeh.

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